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This is a very special piano that belongs to the Lange Family of Tuckahoe, NY




Signed by Wladziu Valentino Liberace in 1976, this piano has been completely restored inside and out.




The soundboard has been restored, refinished and factory decals have been applied under the lacquer for an original look.  The cast iron plate, which is full of detail, bearing a gorgeous eagle, has been rebronzed and properly leveled for best bearing.



The action has been partially rebuilt, with the best german hammers, shanks and flanges installed and regulated to perfection.



The gorgeous body of this baby grand has been french-polished, where over 30 hand-buffed cots of lacquer have been applied, after restoring the damage from time and fading.



The Liberace signature is well-preserved under lacquer, for a lifetime of enjoyment.



A humidity control system has been installed after delivery, to help preserve and extend the lifetime of the soundboard and the whole piano



Please browse these photos and share in the wonderful experience we've had working on this piano.



Many thanks to the Lange family, we know this piano will last through generations. Enjoy!



This is a Wm Knabe, built in 1865,

 restored for our customer in Georgia,

 the entire piano was restored on the inside, and French-Polished on the outside.

  The work included Soundboard restoration, new strings, new pins, new pinblock, plate rebronzed, new artwork placed on the plate.

 Please enjoy





This is a John Broadwood 7'4" Grand Piano, made between 1812 and 1813 that belongs to our very dear and patient customer in New Jersey.








This piano is very unique and has a lot of history behind it. 







We have invited curious experts from around the world, including Europe and South Africa to see such a rare piano being restored. 





Most experts advised us not to attempt taking apart the cast iron interlocking plate, but after weeks of research and endless labor, the plate was lifted, and soundboard completely restored with aged shims to perfection.






 Please enjoy our job of the year



This is a Pianette Spinet piano, completely refinished and restored for our customer Ms. Rebekka Glen in Hartsdale, NY

This piano started out as a worn dark brown color, and ended up a beautiful open mahogany finish.  It really brings out the wood grains and makes this small piano a complete piece of furniture.

The soundboard here has been completely restored and refinished.  All the cracks have been filled with aged wood, sanded smooth and the crown has been restored to perfection.  This little piano now sounds the way it did when it was new.

This is a Sterling Baby Grand Restored for Gwen Alu, our customer in New York City.  This piano has been passed down through her family of musicians and has been restored to specifications. 


We were amazed at the sound that such a small 4'7" baby grand can produce. 


It's a bright piano with it's original mechanism in great condition.  This family heirloom has a new lease on life.