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Climate-Controlled Piano Moving & Storage

Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. is the only piano company to offer complete climate - controlled piano moving and climate - controlled piano storage.  Your piano should never sit in a hot truck in the summer or a cold piano moving truck, on a long distance piano moving, or even on a short trip.  The change in temperature and humidity are the factors that affect the piano negatively, more than heavy playing or any others.  Our facilities and trucks are climate-controlled, maintaining an even level of temperature and humidity.


Piano Storage and Restoration


Our new state-of-the-art storage and restoration facility is now open for business!  Because of the larger space, we're now able to offer climate-controlled piano storage starting at $60.00 per month, plus the cost of delivery.  Since we provide the moving and storage, greater discounts for piano restoration and repairs are also available.  Within the same facility, your piano can be restored and wait for you in our climate-controlled storage rooms.  While in storage, piano tuning is also available - to keep up the string tension at all times. 

If you're having home repairs performed or you're relocating, don't take the risk of piano damage.  Let us store your upright or grand piano in our brand new climate-controlled storage and warehouse facility.

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At Amadeus Piano Co., Inc., we pride ourselves on the safe transportation and relocation of all acoustic pianos (antique, player pianos, or other keyboard instruments).  Our Local coverage area includes the entire North East / New England area - New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Delaware, D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia.  Our Long-Distance coverage area reaches far beyond just New England; we can now provide nationwide service from the West Coast to the East Coast, and anywhere in-between.Piano Moving

Piano moving is a complicated and technical task which demands a great deal of human strength and dedication to the art of transporting the value, beauty and essence of a piano.  All acoustic pianos are made from different selections of wood, therefore each instrument is “one of a kind” and cannot be replaced if damaged - we appreciate and accept that responsibility.  We understand the invested and sentimental value of your piano and always treat it like our own.  A safe trip is assured, as your precious cargo is secured within one of our fleet’s vehicles.  Your piano will be carefully packaged and carried, with no detail spared.  We are properly scheduled and dedicate ourselves fully to every job, moving one piano at a time.

Our local movers are always riding in the company of our first class piano technicians as well.  Now it is possible for you to get your instrument appraised for value and repair while it’s being moved, at no additional cost to you.  If your piano needs to be tuned or repaired after delivery, our qualified and certified technicians can perform the work without scheduling a separate appointment, saving you precious time and money. 

Only a Professional Piano Mover:   

Piano moving is a specialized service, and should never be trusted to an amateur mover, or a furniture moving company, etc…  Even though sometimes the cost of using a furniture moving company is lower than that of a piano moving company, the damage to the instrument that can result from improper packaging or securing in the truck may be very expensive to repair, if at all fixable.  While spinet, console, studio upright, upright grand, and other upright pianos typically need no disassembly;  baby grand, grand, and concert grand pianos must be carefully taken off their legs, wrapped in blankets, and placed on a skid board or piano board.

Speedy Delivery:

To provide you with the most organized, fastest service that this region has to offer, our vehicles are equipped with state of the art GPS and mapping technology, along with laptops with customer databases and Nextel cellular Service.  You can always find out where your piano is on the road and how long it will take to complete the trip. 

Need it right away?

Sometimes you don’t have time to wait.  The concert is coming up, and the piano’s not on stage yet.  While other piano moving companies make you wait a month for service, we can get your piano moved today!  24 hour emergency service is available throughout weekends and holidays as well.  Simply contact our office and we will do what it takes to get your piano moved when you need it.

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