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Amadeus Piano Key Restoration Shop

Welcome to the Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. Key Restoration shop.  We restore antique ivory piano keys, ebony piano keys and piano key-tops.  All new pianos are made with plastic key tops.  Plastic key-tops are very durable, require much less maintenance and are always available0, as well as ivory key imitation called ivorene.

How to tell if your piano has ivory keys:

Ivory key tops are always made from three pieces per key, two pieces on the key top and one on the key front.  There is a fine, thin line that is always visible on the top, as well as a wood-like grain pattern.  If some pieces are unglued and lost from your piano, it's possible to get a close match from our vast collection of various shades of antique ivory key tops.

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Antique Pleyel Grand Piano early 19th century with missing ivory key tops

Square Grand Piano keybaord

chipped piano ivories ivorene piano key-tops

All piano manufacturers have been making pianos with plastic keys for decades.  Ivory keys are no longer legal.   If you prefer to restore the antique look and feel of the piano keybaord, we have a huge collection of antique ivories to help find a close match to your original ivory piano keys in shade and size. 

Photo of a piano with Plastic Piano Keys below. 

Piano keys are vulnerable to changes in humidity just like the wood parts of your piano.  With constant humidity fluctuations between summer and winter, piano keys warp and crack.  It's best to keep the piano fallboard (piano key-cover) open to allow air to circulate freely.  This will prevent premature yellowing of the keys.  Keys can be professionally polished and buffed to restore the original look and luster.  

To clean your piano keys:  Piano keys are durable but should not be cleaned with any products containing alcohol, alcohol-based products can melt plasic keys and dull ivory keys.  Please contact us at (800)338-8637 to purchase our nad click piano keyboard cleaning solution. 

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