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Want a FREE Piano?

Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. has a collection of pianos acquired at very low cost, plus the moving and storage of these quality pianos.  These free pianos come from the homes of people who are relocating and also from those who cannot afford to have these pianos restored and refinished.  Many of these pianos also come from Musicians who have past on and the families of these musicians asked that we make sure that their pianos find a good home and live on to be enjoyed throughout generations.  We intend to honor that request.  Our part is to be able to offer these pianos to you in good, working condition.

 The pianos in this collection will be given away free

when you choose to have us restore and refinish the piano for you, to your specifications.

Our gift is valued at $4,000 to $9,500 depending on the piano you choose.

When restored and refinished, all the pianos in this collection are valued starting at $27,000+

Restoration and refinishing packages are priced at a fraction of the value of these instruments.

Please call us at (800)33-TUNER at any time for a consultation and to schedule a convenient appointment at our piano restoration and refinishing facilities, located at 850 Lincoln Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716

A few option packages for repair/restoration are available for each of these quality instruments.   Please call us at (800)33-TUNER for piano refinishing, re-design and restoration prices.

A vast collection is available at our facilities, but we did not yet have an opportunity to photograph them all. Below are a few pianos from this collection.

(click on any thumbnail to enlarge)

Sohmer Baby Grand Piano is available free. Call (800)33-TUNER for restoration prices


Other Wurlitzer Upright Pianos Available

 call (800)33-TUNER for restoration prices on any piano we are giving for free


Ernest a Tonk Upright Grand Piano is available.  Call (800)33-TUNER for restoration prices.


Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. is a custom piano restoration expert.  In general, it is a lot less expensive (and far better in quality) to find a wonderful piano in bad shape and have it custom restored than it is to purchase one that has been restored by a dealer, solely for the purpose of resale.  Pianos restored by dealers for resale usually have the finish and selection of parts that's most convenient for the dealer or craftsman, not put together to create the look, touch, and sound of a piano that you prefer.   Your piano should be custom-tailored to your specifications.

  We can make the piano look any way you like, including matching the color and shine of your existing furniture or replacing the veneer with exotic breeds of fine wood.  The touch of any piano can be made light, heavy, or any way you desire.   Your choice of Piano hammers has a great effect on the quality of sound your piano will make.  For example, certain types of piano hammers produce a harder and brighter sound, whereas other types of piano hammers can make the piano sound more mellow and soft.  The quality of strings is also very important.  Every aspect of piano restoration is crucial to it's quality of sound and the only way to ensure that you will love your piano, is if you have it built to have the sound you want.

 Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. offers the widest choices of customization along with parts to fit most any budget.  We are also in good standing with many major piano dealers and experts in the nation and can find just about any piano you're looking for - our network is vast, indeed.  If you would like us to find a piano for you, or have a specific piano restored, please contact us at (800)33-TUNER.

Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. is a nationwide company, and will be able to transport your piano to just about anywhere in the continental U.S. at a great price.  We are the only company to offer climate-controlled piano moving for your piano.  Moving quotes vary by size and type of piano, so please inquire about each piano moving rate at (800)33-TUNER or email us at info@amadeuspianos.com

* - Pianos are provided absolutely free.  Customers must choose one of the preceding restoration options.  Pianos must be delivered by Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. or their authorized agent.

We have many more pianos in stock than we have posted here.  Spinet, Console, Studio and Professional upright pianos free.  We have baby grand and grand pianos available free with repair.  please call (800)33-TUNER for consultation

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