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Available Training Positions :    Piano Technician, Piano Tuner, Piano Mover, Piano Restoration & Rebuilding, Piano Refinishing

Also Hiring:    Secretary/Office Administrator/Assistant, Flash Animation/Web Design


Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. is the premier full-service piano company for the greater New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut Tri-State area with a customer base exceeding 15,000 clients in the New York-Metro Area alone.  After years of unprecedented growth, we have decided to launch a nationwide network of professionals to better serve our ever-expanding customer base.

Currently seeking Experienced Piano Refinishers and Refinisher's assistants to work at our Bohemia Piano Restoration Facility.  

We also have training positions available for piano refinisher, piano restorer, piano tuner, and piano mover.

part time and full time applicants welcome

If you are interested in a position with us, please call (800)33-TUNER to schedule an appointment for an interview, fax your resume to: (631) 968-0940 or email us:

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Apprentice Program

We're glad to see that you're interested in learning the trade, and think that it's a great idea to ask first. -I'll do my best to give a good overview of our profession.

We are a third-generation family company, specializing in custom restoration of rare and antique pianos. We also have nationwide and local piano moving services, and a local client base of over 15,000 rsidential and commercial clients, including the Rockefeller Center's Rainbow Room, Pierre Hotels, Liconln Center Opera, and many more esteemed customers.

The art of piano restoration is not the easiest to learn, but it's always been fascinating to me and never gets boring. Each piano brings something new to the table, especially when we restore antique pianos, with various tricks in design and construction.

There is very little formal education in this field, and the few official places that promise training in the field are limiting, and by nature can not offer a complete course of training, and most of the time leave the student with little more than a good overview of the field.

We believe that in order to be a good piano tuner, you must also be a good technician, have very good knowledge of the structure and design of a piano, and be able to diagnose problems with the piano, not to mention be able to communicate with musicians, and custom-tailor the sound and tuning of the piano to the performer's preferences. Piano tuning is learned as the last part of the process.
-Most people who call us for a piano tuning, don't fully understand the meaning of tuning, assuming that tuning will fix the sticking keys, the buzzing note and perhaps the scratch or chip in the body as well. Customers are almost always surprised to learn that tuning is pulling strings into their proper pitch, and has nothing to do with any mechanical adjustments, and certainly no cosmetic or structural repairs.

It's important to note that some working piano tuners don't make a decent living, but it's not because there's no work, it's because their training only gave them a narrow specialization and piano tuners only tune pianos and don't do repair work, cannot diagnose a problem with the sound, and will many times tune a piano that is not supposed to be tuned in the first place. Pedal repair specialists only fix pedals, soundboard restorers only fix soundboards - they don't even play the piano and will not be able to function outside their realm. -that is the problem with the average piano tuner.

Most antique piano manufacturers are no longer in business, and new pianos are made of worse materials and craftsmanship each year. It's surprising and sad to see the degradation. Pianos are made with plywood soundboards that don't carry a good tone, plastic parts in the mechanism which make it disposable in a decade, and fiberglass and press-wood instead of hardwood on the body. All these factors weaken the piano and at the same time drive up the value and demand of antique pianos. Since old manufacturers are not around, parts are not available. We replicate mechanism parts and piano body parts as well to exact specifications. Our trained technicians are able to do the same, and it's rather crucial.

If learned the right way, you should have a working concept of what factors affect the longevity of the instrument, how a piano is transported, the order of how to take apart a piano, how the sound is made, the structure, the principle of the piano action, regulation and adjustment parameters, restoration of the piano finish, and field experience, leaving no mysteries. A good specialist should be able to sit down at the piano, play a tune, and tell the customer exactly what's wrong with the piano, and then show and explain the problem to the customer.

We have a piano restoration training program with apprentices in training, you can speak with some if you like. They work on real projects with real deadlines and gain experience in all parts of piano restoration and field experience. After the completion of our program, our technicians are certified, and we also provide all necessary tools for repair, regulation and tuning, as well as employment in the geographical area they choose. We are a nationwide company, restoring antique pianos from all over the country, and we have customers anywhere they would like to live. -Most important of all, we're building a qualified, independent workforce whom we can trust with priceless heirloom pianos and our good name.

Please give us a call at (800)33-TUNER at any time for a consultation or to schedule an appointment at our restoration facility for a tour.

Thank you again for your inquiry. We hope you decide to join our trade, which badly needs the addition of more skilled professionals and is overwhelmed by amateurs.

Best Regards,
Yury Feygin, pres.
Amadeus Piano Co., Inc.


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